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Voxette uses the text-to-speech mechanism  in IOS, giving access to all Siri’s voices.

You can enter any text and have Voxette speak it.

You can then adjust the voice used and, within bounds, the pitch of the voice, and the rate of speech, for each phrase.

The background singing of Ooohs and Aaahs etc. in this recording was created using Sopranotron on an iPad. All the spoken text was produced using Voxette and then processed in Logic Pro X.

Click the orange triangle to play, best with headphones.

A phrase can be anything from a single word to an entire book (Memory permitting). The whole phrase will be rendered using the same voice, pitch, rate of speech, and volume. You may wish to treat parts of your text differently, to add emphasis, or to have different voices for different parts. To do this you break up the phrases as needed.

You can split phrases before or after a chosen word, isolate a word by splitting both before and after, or explode the whole phrase into separate words.

The graphical interface lets you control the pitch, rate, and volume of each phrase to get the most satisfactory result.

You can change the language used, and fine tune pre and post delays quickly and easily.

Voxette will speak the text you give it. You can choose the voice it speaks in, and make fine adjustments to give expression and variety. The spoken text can then be used for any use you have where you want spoken text, but don’t wish to record yourself speaking it, for the welcome message on your voicemail or answering service, to accompany a presentation, or to further precess with sampling or audio editing tools. At the foot of the page there is an example, more will follow soon.

The music in this video was made using MixTikl, Logix Pro X, and Voxette for the spoken parts.